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Welcome! TX Factor is a series of high definition TV shows covering all aspects of the hobby of amateur radio - a professionally produced programme, now into its third year.


A bumper summer edition of TX Factor is now live! Not one, but two rig reviews: the Sun Expert Electronics Transceiver MB1 and the elusive Icom IC-7300 are comprehensively analyzed.

Also in this show, Bob teaches Mike a thing or two about amateur satellite operating, and our free-to-enter-draw is back with a chance to win a copy of the Getting Started with Amateur Satellites book featured in the item.

We hope you're having a great summer and find a little spare time to enjoy the latest TX Factor epiosde!

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TXtra - extra features of new and exciting content related to amateur radio and associated technology for watching in-between times!


TXtra features are released in addition to the main TX Factor episodes and will appear on our YouTube channel and on our own TX player here on the web site.

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free-to-enter draw!

In TX Factor episode 12, we refer to an amazing amateur satellite resource, Getting Started With Amateur Satellites. If you would like to enter our free draw with a chance to win a copy of the updated and revised version of this book along with a TX Factor Shack Mug, then click on the link below for full details

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TX Talk is an expanding library of audio interviews and features, both entertaining and informative, on the world of amateur radio and beyond. TX Talk is available from our website or as a subscribed podcast from iTunes.

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GB2RS News Podcast

The weekly GB2RS news is available from TX Factor as an audio stream or a downloadable podcast. Read by Bob McCreadie G0FGX , Mike Marsh G1IAR and Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ

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resource library

The TX Factor Resource Library contains a playlist of films and features from previous episodes. These self-contained items may be of particular interest to viewers not wishing to watch through a whole episode to view the item again.


To watch these films we make a small charge to help cover the costs of running the resource library and pay-per-view hosting scheme. As time goes by we hope you'll enjoy being able to select from the growing number of interesting items dedicated to this fascinating hobby!

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