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Episode 2 (TXF002)

TX date 21st March 2014

Mike visits the Bath Buildathon to see what's involved in constructing a 14MHz PSK receiver kit


We welcome two special guests to talk about and demonstrate the FUNcube Dongle and the FUNcube Satellite


We look at the features of Yaesu's new FT-DX1200 transceiver


Bob gets a guided tour of the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park and GB3RS complete with a SteppIR that's tilting due to the winter storms!


episode 2 notes in more detail

download TXF002 notes as PDF


TX Factor Exclusive!

Listen to an interview with Jim Heck, the FUNcube Satellite Project Manager, about possible changes to the satellite transponder's availability to radio amateurs - listen mp3 - tests refer to the weekend of 5th & 6th April

Episode 1 (TXF001)

TX date 21st February 2014

Bob McCreadie G0FGX explores one of the most famous transmission sites in the world: The Marconi Centre, at Poldhu in Cornwall


Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ takes a hike up a mountain in Shropshire to discover the delights of SOTA activating


Mike Marsh G1IAR keeps his feet firmly on the ground at the Norman Lockyer Observatory Radio Group in east Devon to find out what makes a 2 metre repeater tick

episode 1 notes in more detail

download TXF001 notes as PDF


Now two shows to watch!


Episode 2 (TXF002)

21st March 2014

FUNcube satellite. FUNcube dongle. RSGB National Radio Centre, Bletchley Park, Yaesu FT-DX1200 rig review. Bath Buildathon

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Episode 1 (TXF001)

21st February 2014

Marconi Centre. SOTA. Norman Lockyer Observatory Radio Group

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