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TX Factor is produced by TX Films Ltd, a non-profit making company set up by UK radio amateurs specifically to oversee the production of quality TV shows dedicated to promoting the hobby of amateur radio.

TX Factor episodes are currently part-financed through sponsorship and the goodwill of individuals. However, even with the much appreciated support from our main sponsors, the high cost of producing TV shows to the editorial and technical quality that TX Factor viewers have come to expect and appreciate restricts the number of episodes produced per year to six or seven. Of course, we would like to produce more and cover more topics, but it's just getting too expensive!

We are eternally grateful to Martin Lynch and Sons for their continued and much valued support following the loss of sponsors Yaesu Musen Co in late 2014. In early 2017 we welcomed the Radio Society of Great Britain as our new co-sponsor. Martin Lynch and Sons and the RSGB remain independent and do not influence the editorial content of TX Factor.

Over the past two years we have received requests to install a 'donate' button on our web site to enable loyal viewers to contribute to the production process. This we have resisted for as long as possible. However, we've continued to receive further requests from viewers wanting the means to offer some financial support - for which we are very flattered.

If you would like to contribute financially in any small way to the efforts of the TX Factor Team, we have now relented and installed a donate button below to facilitate donations via PayPal in pounds sterling, euros or US, Canadian and Australian dollars. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still donate through PayPal via your regular credit or debit card.

Please note that any money raised will be for the furtherance of production of TX Factor shows and not used for any other project. TX Films will not accept donations from any party wishing to influence the editorial content of TX Factor programmes.

You will be safe in the knowledge that your transactions are carried out via PayPal's secure systems.

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Donate FAQ - some further questions answered

Why Does TX Factor Exist?

Good question! TX Factor is produced by amateurs who are passionate about amateur radio and the wider issues of the hobby around the world. If there wasn’t a passionate audience out there to receive and appreciate the programme, we wouldn’t bother! It’s because it has been so well received that we continue to make the shows, and the feedback we get after each episode is released reinforces this passion and makes it all worthwhile.

Is TX Factor Sponsored?

Yes, but only to a point. TX Factor is part-financed by sponsorship in the form of short adverts within the show and at the top and tail of each episode. Our sponsors have no control over editorial content - even the equipment reviews. Most recently, and as a new initiative, we have received help from appreciative viewers who have supported us with generous donations. These gifts have gone some way to covering the high cost of production and will help us in maintaining the quality and frequency of the episodes.

Who is Behind The Project?

The shows are produced and presented by Bob McCreadie G0FGX, Mike Marsh G1IAR, Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ and Pete Sipple M0PSX, four amateurs with a wide range of knowledge in the hobby, and with a lifetime of experience in the real world of public broadcasting. The shows are professionally produced to a high technical and editorial standard, and since the project was launched in February of 2014 it has received acclaim from all corners of the UK and from amateurs around the world.

Will TX Factor Come to an End?

One day! However, as long as our contributors remain enthusiastic and the thousands of viewers around the globe keep clicking, we will endeavour to continue making the shows. Our aim is to produce up to ten episodes regularly throughout the year, but quality TV is not cheap to produce - especially the post-production phase - so we’re grateful to our sponsors and the contributors who have so far given donations to help cover the increasing costs.

Why is TX Factor so Popular?

We think it’s because it’s the only UK-produced TV show dedicated to all things radio. Amateur radio is a minority-interest hobby, and one that receives little coverage by the mainstream broadcast media. So, we saw the potential! TX Factor is produced by ordinary folk who, like us all, have busy lives, yet find some time to 'show and tell’ about their favourite hobby - amateur radio. The comments received following each episode remind us that TX Factor hits the spot by getting amateur radio into the public domain. One of our self-imposed remits is to promote the hobby to the younger generation and revitalise interest in what is often perceived by the youngsters as an activity from the dark ages!

How Can We Help?

Simple! By watching the shows and telling anyone who’s not heard about our channel to take a look. If you have any ideas for future content, then let us know. We already have a long list of topics to explore, but sometimes a suggestion is so apposite we need to cover it straight away for maximum impact and topicality. A donation will help too! Every penny given to the TX Factor project will go towards covering the cost of producing the shows: transport, accommodation, subsistence, equipment hire, professional fees, post-production costs and of course, admin. It all adds up!