TX Factor is our established flagship programme - a series of HD TV shows dedicated entirely to amateur radio. TX Factor was launched in February 2014 and since then our episodes have been viewed over 122,000 times.


Our presenters explore the history of amateur radio, rigs, antennas, operating modes, propagation, sport radio, training, club news, RSGB news, world news - in fact, anything and everything!

TX Factor is a professionally produced programme presented by radio amateurs for radio amateurs - and here you can watch our latest episodes and find out what TX Factor has to offer.


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Blind Accessibility

Thanks to Jean de Villiers ZS6ARA a blind amateur radio operator from South Africa for his suggestion to include audio-only versions of our programmes for downloading and streaming by blind and partially-sighted amateurs. We're now pleased to be able to provide such versions in the .mp3 format.


French Flag

Veuillez noter qu'il existe des épisodes sous-titrés en français. Cherchez l'icône tricolore sur les liens ci-dessous. Nous voudrions remercier Franck F4HFQ, Laurent F6FVY, Philippe F8BXI et Laurent F8GQH pour leur aide avec ce projet.


We now have episodes with embedded French subtitles. Look for the tricolor icon on the episode links below. Thanks to Franck F4HFQ, Laurent F6FVY, Philippe F8BXI and Laurent F8GQH for their assistance in this project.

Episode 12 (TXF012)

TX date 27th July 2016

In this extended summer episode, there is not one, but two rig reviews. The Sun Expert Electronics Transceiver MB1 and the elusive Icom IC-7300 are comprehensively analyzed by ML&S' Gary Spiers M0TIG and Chris Ridley G8GKC from Icom UK.


Also in this show, Bob teaches Mike a thing or two about amateur satellite operating, and our free-to-enter-draw is back with a chance to win a copy of the recently revised and updated Getting Started with Amateur Satellites book featured in the item.

Episode 11 (TXF011)

TX date 6th June 2016

In this special edition, we follow the progress of one Devon School in their attempt to be one of the ten lucky UK schools to link up with Tim Peake aboard the International Space Station.

We go behind the scenes with the ARISS team to meet the members and see the technology that helped to make the UK schools' link-ups such a great success.

Episode 10 (TXF010)

TX date 26th February 2016

It's out of this world - well, almost!


Mike Marsh returns to his old school in Ottery Saint Mary, Devon to learn how science lessons have changed since he was a lad.


Bob keeps his feet firmly on the ground at his native Cornwall to see why the letter 'K' has been making its presence felt. While he's there, he visits Goonhilly Earth Station to meet Arthur, the satellite dish that made history in the early 1960s and its modern-day equivalent.


Steve Venner G0TAN shows us the ins and outs of the Yaesu FT-991 all-band transceiver.


And the folks at TX Factor make a plea for help.

Episode 9 (TXF009)

TX date 2nd September 2015

Featuring ham radio Essex-style! We visit the south east to report on the work of Chelmsford ARS, Essex Repeater Group and Essex Ham. And we're giving away a CG-PK4 Pocket Memory Keyer in our free-to-enter draw.


Since the launch of this show, we have heard the sad news of the passing of Clive Ward G1EUC. Clive is a major contributor in this episode, and all who watch the programme cannot fail to be impressed by his passion and dedication to the hobby of amateur radio over many years.


We at TX Factor send our condolences to Clive's family, friends and colleagues at this sad time.

Episode 8 (TXF008)

TX date 6th May 2015

In this extended episode we meet the man at the helm of PW Magazine, the family guys who run Icom UK and two amateurs who help to keep BBC radio on the air. Plus, your chance to win a FUNcube Dongle Pro!

Episode 7 (TXF007)

TX date 13th February 2015

The show investigates the issues of recruiting young people to the hobby and visits a veteran amateur who's an inspiration to us all! We discover what the IOTA programme has to celebrate and test an innovative 2 metre antenna which can be won in our next draw.

Episode 6 (TXF006)

TX date 20th November 2014

Featuring the best from the UK's biggest rally, National Hamfest 2014. The team meets the exhibitors and visitors and brings a flavour of this amazing annual ham event to those who couldn't make it this time. There's also a chance to win the compact, yet function-packed dual band VX-3 transceiver in our next free-to-enter competition.

Episode 5 (TXF005)

TX date 25th September 2014

In this episode Bob McCreadie reports from the recent AMSAT-UK Colloquium, and finds time to test out the SuperAntenna Superstick delux package. Nick Bennett travels north and discovers a rather remarkable radio club. And we reveal the winner of our first free-to-enter competition.

Episode 4 (TXF004)

TX date 25th July 2014

Episode 4 is a Friedrichshafen special. Filmed on location at the annual Ham Radio convention on the shores of Lake Constance, the TX Factor Team brings the flavour and diversity of the show to those who couldn't manage to get there this year.

Also in this episode, a chance to win a Yaesu FT-60E dual band FM transceiver in our first free-to-enter competition.

Episode 3 (TXF003)

TX date 16th May 2014

Bob and Mike assist Roger G4ROJ with his amazing kite aerials. Nick pays a visit to Ben Nock G4BXD at his Military Wireless Museum in Kidderminster and discovers Ben's impressive collection of war sets and spy sets. Mike reports from the Exeter Radio and Electronics Rally to find out what people expect from a rally in the 21st century. We also review a new quad-band mobile radio from Wouxun.

Episode 2 (TXF002)

TX date 21st March 2014

Mike visits the Bath Buildathon to see what's involved in constructing a 14MHz PSK receiver kit. We welcome two special guests to talk about and demonstrate the FUNcube Dongle and the FUNcube Satellite. We look at the features of Yaesu's new transceiver. Bob gets a guided tour of the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park and GB3RS complete with a SteppIR that's tilting due to the winter storms!

Episode 1 (TXF001)

TX date 21st February 2014

Bob McCreadie G0FGX explores one of the most famous transmission sites in the world: The Marconi Centre, at Poldhu in Cornwall. Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ takes a hike up a mountain in Shropshire to discover the delights of SOTA activating. Mike Marsh G1IAR keeps his feet firmly on the ground at the Norman Lockyer Observatory Radio Group in east Devon to find out what makes a 2 metre repeater tick.